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TATA group of Industries is searching for their Future MD. Present MD-Honerable Shri Ratan Tata is going to retire after 2 years so the Committee decided to find out new MD for TATA group.  It will help new MD to get training period of 2 years.

That’s great news,

if i could have become new MD.

I know i don’t have that much ability. My english is not so good, my communication skill not so good, i never address group of people, i don’t know about shares much, i don’t know about companies law, i don’t have update about current market conditions, i don’t know about Car & Automobile industries, i don’t know about Hotel industries, still……still if i got a chance to be MD of TATA group of industries  then…????

Don’t worry i won’t get any chance to become a MD. I am Banker and it is good for me. But frankly speaking if i got an opportunity i would surely try my level best. even though i am not aware about Market, economy still i have confident that i will learn quickly. If god help me to become a MD for a month also i will try to give my knowledge, skills as much as possible to industry. Since childhood i am  very much ambitious of becoming Business Tycoon. With my single decision Share market should face ups and downs… with my decision other competitors should start thinking of alternatives. When i think of any company i should be able to buy that company.Of course who don’t want to become Rata Tata but still i will like to be a different Industrialist …great industrialist Ashish Sawant….

Even today also i am still nourishing the hope of becoming Industrialist…great business tykoon. i know it is difficult at this age now and responsibilities on my shoulders are increasing day by day and Service is must for my daily livelihood. Still why can’t i hope….???

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Ratan Sir is great assets to India. what should i tell about them ? if i could get 10 % of their skill, temparament, knowledge & great vision then it would be great gift for me. One more thing i would like to take form Ratan Sir is efficacy of Social services. I would surely donate as much as possible to my public, country and of course nature. Whatever they gave me i would surely return to them with interest before i die.

PS .just now i heard that Infosys is also searching for their future MD..

hello I am available any time.